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Why Earn the CRB Designation?

Valuable Resources for Members!

The Institute provides programs and resources to further help you in leveraging opportunity and improving performance:

The Institute has been enhancing the productivity and profitability of managers, owners and brokers since 1968. The Institute provides the tools you need to reinforce your professional development and sharpen your competitive edge. 

Education with an Edge
Stay ahead of the competition...learn new trends and business strategies to improve individual and company performance...receive practical and proven tools and ideas. 

Our educational offerings are all new and completely redesigned to deliver the knowledge and resources you need to create opportunities to excel. After taking our courses, you will be better positioned to develop and streamline operating practices, market and position your company, and better understand how to keep brokerage costs in check. You can attend CRB courses in locations across the country throughout the year. Classroom-based programs provide a rich setting for the sharing of important professional knowledge and networking. Many long-term business connections are forged during these programs. Many CRB courses are also offered online through our e-Learning Center.

Customize your educational experience:

  • Live / Instructor Led ... taught by experienced real estate brokerage managers who actively participate in the challenges of the real estate market.
  • Online courses .... delivered through a cutting-edge platform designed to make your learning experience engaging, interactive and convenient, these courses allow you to fit management education into YOUR schedule
  • Virtual Classroom with Live Instructor....delivered via live webcast and facilitated by a CRB instructor with the goal of closely replicating the live classroom experience.  This innovative delivery model saves travel costs, and provides you with additional scheduling flexibility. 

Bottom Line:  Regardless of how you choose to participate in a CRB Course, you will no doubt receive the most comprehensive real estate brokerage management education available in the industry.   CRB sets the standard for leading edge brokerage learning.